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We are Marion, Frank & Kathleen Richter -

and as a family we dance for 6 years in 2/4 beat!


In 2014, Kathleen discovered her passion for tango in Buenos Aires & Marion & Frank were quickly infected by "Tango fever".

Countless short and long trips to Buenos Aires followed and soon we agreed: we wanted to share our passion for Tango in the border triangle -

to create a warm and friendly cooperation across national borders!

Since then we are passionately organizing our milonga "Tango am See" in Görlitz as well as tango lessons with international Tango teachers & Tango tours in Germany and abroad.


Germans, Poles and Czechs are regularly dancing in Görlitz and often also dancers of other nationalities.

We speak different languages, but in Tango a common!


We are looking forward to wonderful dancing days together with YOU!

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